Life in These Islands Part 1

Water, water everywhere, but…. It’s been almost a couple of weeks since the local Department of Public Works and Highways busted the water supply line of our subdivision (Beverly Hills) while paving the main public road fronting the subdivision. We’ve been told that the subdivision cannot work on the busted pipe because the DPWH hasn’t given them the permit, since the busted pipe is under a government road. Excuse me, but who busted the pipe? I think we’ll finally have water…. sometime before Christmas.
We get subdivision water every other day, which is okay, since we have an elevated water tank storage, and a day tank with a pump. But now, we have to depend on rainwater for our baths (it’s the rainy season), and clean groundwater we get from the American school for drinking and cooking use. When we completely run out, then we have to call those expensive water trucks. I guess we don’t live in 90210 after all. Sigh….

Papers, papers everytwhere…. Call the telephone and electric company, and presto! Telephone and electric service. Not in the Philippines. To get these services requires tons of paperwork, most of them I have no idea what they are and where to get them. One of these is the registration of our Study Center with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commis- sion. But this registration involves even more paperwork. Meanwhile, we can’t use the office space because there’s no electricity. Unless we’re willing to use candles and sweat it out. Perhaps by Christmas too. Sigh….

About Nollie

Associate Pastor of Trinity United Reformed Church in Walnut Creek, CA. Assigned as missionary to the Philippines. Lives just outside Metro Manila with wife and daughter. Three older boys live and work in CA.
Nollie says:

Hi Gladys. Yes, for us it’s mixed feelings. We miss the States when we’re here, but we then miss the Philippines when we’re on furlough in the States. And although our children were all born in the States, they feel the same way. And as much as we hate it here sometimes, we also know that God has assigned us here for His work.

Gladys says:

It’s really home sweet home. Pinas talaga — laging nakakamiss.

Nollie says:

Hi Melissa. Actually, if you’re one of those Greenies, here’s your chance to save a lot of water. We also use it for flushing the toilet.

Melissa Yacher says:

Oh! A bucket bath. I haven’t had one of those since I was in Pakistan…

Russel says:

I know the frustrations, not to mention how much I struggled a couple of
months ago when Manila Water “accidentally” busted PLDT’s fiber optic line in
Mandaluyong. Resulting to a huge Internet outage for almost 1 month.
Killing most of the nearby call centers’ connection including us. Then I
realized, I’m still in the Philippines after all. Hehe.