Biblical Hebrew Class at Mars Hill

Mars Hill Study Center is offering a class in Biblical Hebrew. Details are as follows:

Biblical Hebrew Start: August 22, 2008
Days and times: Fridays, 10 am-11:30 am
Fees: Free tuition; approximately 10 pesos for class materials.
Who may attend: Pastors, church workers, college students of all levels of Hebrew language knowledge
Lecturer: Mr. Michael Millier, Asian Seminary of Christian Ministries, Manila, Philippines

About Nollie

Associate Pastor of Trinity United Reformed Church in Walnut Creek, CA. Assigned as missionary to the Philippines. Lives just outside Metro Manila with wife and daughter. Three older boys live and work in CA.
Noel Cunanan says:

I’ll also attend the elemmentary Greek at 8:30 am
Is it this friday August 28, 2009?
PLease confirm by sending me a text 0922-8887853
Noel C.

Noel Cunanan says:

I’ll attend the hebrew class this friday, August 28th
Noel Cunanan

Joel de Leon says:

FREE TUITION?! I almost could not believe it. Pastor Nollie, these students of yours better learn and master their Greek and Hebrew well. They better not take this for granted.

Because it is not advisable to take Hebrew long distance or online, I had to inquire with a local seminary here, Salt Lake Theological Seminary (which is now defunct), just how much it would cost me to take one Hebrew class with them. They told me that one Hebrew class for one semester would cost me around $1,000. That’s more than P40,ooo based on the current exchange rate.

Nollie says:

Hi Gil,
Good to hear about your interest. The Hebrew class is ongoing. The teacher structured it so that you can come at any point in the class. We’re on Christmas break now, but will resume on January 9.
Pastor Nollie

Gil says:

I’ve just been led to your blog, being interested in studying Biblical Hebrew. Is your class still on-going? More to the point, will you have another round of classes, one which beginners like me can attend?

I’d highly appreciate your response.

Warm regards,

Jun Mayor says:

I think it’s a great idea!


Nollie says:

I’m thinking of teaching an Elementary Greek course too, starting next Friday, August 29, possibly 8:30-9:30 am. This would minimize transportation expenses for everyone attending the Hebrew class.

What does everyone think?

Jun Mayor says:

Hi Nollie,

I am very much interested. Lord willing, I will be there this Friday.


Phil DeHart says:


Phil DeHart
Pastor Raul Olarte, Antipolo
Pastor Buddy Gallo, Antipolo
Pastor Romy Dechavez, Binangonan

If you would like, I can find out if others are available to come.

thanks nollie,

I am really looking forward to coming.