Much has happened since last post

A quick series of exciting, happy, and shocking events in our family’s life. (Photos at the end of this post.)

♦ July 31: Opening of Mars Hill Study Center. Few have used it so far, but we anticipate that through word of mouth, and when our front signs are up, that more people would start coming. We now have a phone number () and a DSL line. We have also added a smaller folding table. We’re anticipating a box of books from California in about a week. And watch for a new Website.

♦ August 10: First Reformed worship. Our small Bible study group started meeting for afternoon worship services on August 10 at the study center. We finished studying the doctrines of grace (some people call it TULIP), and I started preaching on the nature and attributes of the church: “The Unity of the Body of Christ” (Ephesians 4:1-16) and “How is the Church Holy?” (1 Corinthians 6:9-11). We had 10 people both Lord’s Days, but we haven’t had a full attendance yet. There’s only a couple of families with children, while the rest are college age and young professionals. Obviously, we don’t aim to be a megachurch.

♦ August 13: Rachel’s first day of high school. Rachel came home from school on August 13 full of stories of her first day. She has a mixture of excitement, feelings of being intimidated by upper classmen and scary teachers.

♦ August 14: Tim’s car accident. Our oldest son Tim had a bad car accident on I-5 near Modesto, California late Thursday night. Here’s the official account from Chesney:

As some of you know Tim was involved in a bad car accident. He was on the way to LA to go to his brother Oliver’s badge ceremony (LAPD) when his car started swerving and went out of control and rolled over a few times. He isn’t sure what made it swerve and has some memory loss around the accident.

The car is totaled but Tim looks like he will be fine. He was airlifted to a trauma unit in Modesto, where he got 9 staples and many stitches in his scalp, by his right eye, and on one finger. He also broke a bone at the base of his thumb. However, the good news is – he did not get a concussion, was conscious and alert the whole time and the break in the thumb looks like it won’t need surgery. So lots of bumps and bruises but nothing long lasting… so God was definitely watching out for Tim. He was released that night and we brought him home. The next day we went to see our regular doctor who said that the ER did a really good job of stitching him up. He then referred us to an orthopedic surgeon to look at his thumb since it was diagnosed as a serious break. There the x-rays showed it was a minor break and he put a removable splint on it and even told Tim he could be back playing hockey in as little as 3 weeks if he wanted to. He’ll be off work for at least a week when most of the stitches will be taken out.

So pray for Tim’s continued healing, the insurance & car issues, and that Caleb will not get too worried about riding in cars. Caleb knows that we won’t have that car anymore and he knows that Daddy has a lot of owies but he doesn’t know why and so far hasn’t asked us. <snip>

Also praise God that Tim’s injuries are not too serious, especially in such a serious accident. We thank God for seat belts and airbags and His grace toward us all.

♦ August 15: Oliver officially an LA Police Officer. As mentioned above, Tim had his car accident on his way to Oli’s badge ceremony. Oli sent us a few pictures of the ceremony, and after this, his graduation from the Police Academy will be on September 12. Evelyn will be attending his graduation, together with Tim and family and Lem. Oli and Nem will tie the knot on October 25 in Anaheim, California. So, many things are happening in his life.

About Nollie

Associate Pastor of Trinity United Reformed Church in Walnut Creek, CA. Assigned as missionary to the Philippines. Lives just outside Metro Manila with wife and daughter. Three older boys live and work in CA.
Nollie says:

Hi Janie, Mike and Children,

Glad that you can visit our blog. We look forward to visiting with you on October 26-27. Kara is also excited about getting together with Aly and Kayla and Rachel. Maybe we can arrange this “reunion” for them.

Janie says:

I forgot to mention in my comment how thrilled we are about services beginning.  May God bless your ministry!

Janie says:

We’re thankful that Tim’s okay. Praise God!

Congrats to Oliver. Well done! I’ll be sure to slow down when I’m driving through L.A.

Rachel, Aly & Kayla started high school two days ago – very scary! We hope to see you during your visit. 



cj says:

I am sorry to read about Tim’s accident and I thank God that he came out OK.
Congratulations to Oliver, 1st to his chosen profession and 2nd to his forthcoming wedding to Nem. God Bless you all.

Nollie says:

Russel, and others, thanks for prayers for Tim.

Next Sunday, I’ll be starting a series on Biblical Worship for our Bible study.

leah barin says:

Oliver, congratulations. Heard you got 2nd highest in marksmanhip.

A Filipino-American guy entering NYPD got a 2-page spread last Sunday at one of the local newspapers. Thought it was you.

Tim, really glad you’re okay. God is good.

Scott C says:

Congratulations to Oli on his new position. Please tell him that we say thanks for his service. We’re glad that Tim is okay! Praise God for his mercies.

Dan (Chuck) says:

I am very sorry to hear about the accident but very glad to hear that my dear cousin Tim is ok.  The Lord is indeed good to us and I am thankful that He had full control of this whole situation.  I will continue keep you in my prayers, Tim.

Masahiro says:

I really enjoyed your family news letter and glad to know that Oli is now graduating from Police Academy.  I also praise the Lord for his protection over Tim as he was involved in a seemingly life-threatening accident.

Leo Galanza says:

I do pray for the ministry God has entrusted to you. Hope to see you and visit Mars Hill, congrats to Oli and praying for Tim. Regards to Ate Evelyn.

Dan-Ging says:

Glad to hear Tim’s ‘back to normal’. We’ll keep him in our prayers.

Linda says:

Nollie & Evelyn,

Praise God for saving Tim’s life and protecting him!  I will keep him in my prayers. I try to keep you all in my prayers.  I can only imagine how hard it is to be so far away from the boys.  At least with Michael, I could be at his bed side, or when he was out of the hospital he always made time to visit.

Evelyn, I look forward to seeing you. May God continue to bless your precious family.

Russel DG says:

I’m so glad to read about all these events in your life, Pastor Nollie. Me and my wife are very grateful too to have finally attended a reformed worship service. We’ve been praying for quite a while for that, in His perfect time we have started.

Looking at that car, I couldn’t imagine how fast Tim drove or perhaps what went wrong during that time. But I could imagine how God control everything and it’s just so amazing to hear that there are no too serious and permanent injuries.