May 2009 Church Retreat

God was gracious to us that in the midst of a storm brewing just east of the Philippines, we had great weather all throughout our retreat. Up in the mountains, we had relief from the heat , humidity, smog, congestion and noise of Metro Manila.

Many visitors graced our retreat. A family came from 5 hours north of Manila, and another from about 2 hours to the south. Some members of our church family invited their friends to join us, some of them making the difficult 2-3-hour commute from the metro area.

Since it was our first retreat, and also the first time for many to visit this mountain city, we didn’t structure it too much, leaving more time for R&R and fellowship. But we did have three teaching sessions on 1 Peter 2-3 from Friday night till Saturday night, and a worship service this Sunday morning. The sermon was “Severe Penalty Against Covenant Disobedience” based on Exodus 4:18-26 and Acts 2:37-39.

But the most joyous part of the retreat were the professions of faith of three members and the baptism of all four of the children of one of the “professors.” For the first time, our whole covenant community witnessed God’s work among both adults and young children.

Tired but refreshed, the Lord sent us home with his blessing of grace, mercy and peace.

About Nollie

Associate Pastor of Trinity United Reformed Church in Walnut Creek, CA. Assigned as missionary to the Philippines. Lives just outside Metro Manila with wife and daughter. Three older boys live and work in CA.
Nollie says:

Added three more pictures.

Nollie says:

It was a blessing to see the church family working and playing harmoniously and joyfully together. I’m so thankful.

Russel says:

Suddenly, I miss the place… not to mention my family is still there. God is good!

Oliver says:

Hey Dad looks like it was a great retreat.  Makes me miss the Philippines and the retreat home.