What Filipinos Can Learn from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

We visited Kota Kinabalu, the capital city of the State of Sabah in Malaysia last weekend. These photos should make it obvious what the government and people of the Philippines can learn from this city alone.

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Associate Pastor of Trinity United Reformed Church in Walnut Creek, CA. Assigned as missionary to the Philippines. Lives just outside Metro Manila with wife and daughter. Three older boys live and work in CA.
keen says:

If you can visit JB (Johor Bahru across the causeway from Singapore), its a lot different there. Its an urban blight, with muggings, hold-ups, slash thefts, motorbike riders snatching ladies’ handbags, etc.)

zerpiko says:

What you saw in Kota Kinabalu is same as in Bandar Seri Darrusalam. Orderly, clean, nice people.

To the nationalistic Francis, pinoy na pinoy ka nga sa pag iisip.

Nollie says:

I’m blind.

Francis says:

“It’s the order, cleanliness, discipline, etc., which Filipinos could emulate.”

my goodness kapatid! how come you don’t see “order, cleanliness, discipline, etc.” in many places here!

you’re assuming that what you saw in Kota is already a representative of the whole of Malaysia!

Nollie says:

It’s not just the natural beauty. You can find natural beauty in the whole creation anywhere. It’s the order, cleanliness, discipline, etc., which Filipinos could emulate.

Francis says:


“These photos should make it obvious….”???

Have you been to Boracay? Bohol? Palawan? Other than the good-looking airport, you can find equivalents of those pictured in many tourist spots here

Irma Crow says:

Since Filipinos are so eager to go abroad, they should go to Japan. The news here in the US say that Japanese people now belong to the endangered species. Japanese women married late in years and don’t want to have children – that will be expensive and will hinder their success in the workforce. Result, they don’t have enough youth to sustain their cultural identity.

Nollie says:

It’s amazing how the SE Asian neighbors of the Philippines have left the country behind. A big reason is overpopulation: 98 million, 12th largest in the world. The Philippines has the highest population density in SE Asia (excluding Singapore, a city-state; 794/sq mi vs Malaysia’s 222.3/sq mi), second-highest population growth (1.96% vs 1.72%; 2nd only to Laos); second-highest birth rate (26.01/1,000 vs 22.2; 2nd only to Laos).

This is why per capita GDP is 4th lowest in SE Asia ( $3,515 vs $14,215; slightly above only Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos ).

As recently as the 1950s, the Philippines was second only to Japan in all of Asia in almost all fields: economy, sports, education, etc. How the mighty have fallen! All because of political and moral corruption, undiscipline and superstition.

Tom says:

These are amazing photos of Malaysia. They look more modern than nearly anything in the USA. Tom