The Republic of Celebrities

Before the deadline for the filing of certificates of candidacy passed yesterday, the usual train of politicians were seen flocking to the election offices. But in addition to these usual jokers, an unprecedented number of movie, sports, news, comedians, and other celebrities were also seen filing their papers so they can amass more money than what they’re getting now. One columnist said in his article, “They’re off and running!”:

The election fever rages on. Brace yourselves for the mudslinging, character-assassination and the litter of political posters/banners/billboards as soon as the official campaign starts early next year, or even before it does. The circus is coming to town. They’re off and running!

Not that these hordes of future “legislators” and “executives” will all be elected. But the sad thing—and this is the big reason why many of these clowns run for office—is that most of them will be chosen by the screaming and dancing hordes of gray-matter-challenged electorate.

After the elections, celebrity fans will not have to go to the movie theaters and ritzy hotels and restaurants to scream at the sight of Manny Pacquiao or Richard Gomez, they just have to attend the sessions of Congress, and the various provincial, city and municipal halls. This is of course, assuming that these “officials” will be there and not doing a movie, a photo op, a TV show, or playing in a stupid PBA game. And of course, anyone whose dream of a lifetime is to gaze at that favorite comedian has to battle the paparazzi at the doors and hallways.

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