Thanks to Albert for leading me to a thorough refutation of dispensational premillennialism (DP): “The Ninety-Five Theses Against Dispensationalism” written by Dr. Robert L. Reymond for in their Website DP is a system that popularized the Secret Rapture, Left Behind, millennium, Israel the chosen people even in the New Testament, etc.

Here’s an outline of this modern-day 95 Theses:

  • 1-8: Dispensationalism is contrary to the apostolic faith and ancient creeds.
  • 9-20: Dispensationalism is contrary to the unity of God’s redemptive plan in history.
  • 21-36: Dispensationalism’s false “literalism” is contrary to “rightly dividing the word of truth” (2 Tim 2:15).
  • 37-41: Dispensationalism says New Testament writers lie about Old Testament prophecies.
  • 42-51: Dispensationalism wrongly divides the people of God by putting a “wall of hostility” between Jews and Gentiles (Eph 2:11-18).
  • 52-83: Dispensationalism has spawned weird and insane eschatological views, such as date-setting, double Second Comings, rebuilding of the Jerusalem Temple, restoring animal sacrifices, Christ reigning for 1,000 years over a mixture of glorified saints and unresurrected sinners, unconditional support for the “chosen nation” Israel, etc.
  • 84-88: Dispensationalism encourages Christians to be pessimistic and to disengage from the culture.
  • 89-95: Dispensationalism encourages antinomianism.

To those of you who are married to this thoroughly unbiblical system: consider reading these theses while you search the Scriptures, not the newspapers’ sensationalism or the foolishness of “The Rapture Index.” Let us “search the Scriptures daily, to see whether these things are so,” like the Bereans did 2,000 years ago.


Against Dispensationalism: a Response to John MacArthur (who of “Why Every Self-Respecting Calvinist Should Be Premillennialist” fame) by G.J. Harloff of

Dr. John MacArthur is a well known and respected Bible teacher of today. His ministry has impacted many people and even the lives of those of us in this ministry. However there is a major disagreement with Dr. MacArthur when it comes to issues of the Church and Israel. Dr. Gary Harloff takes a small booklet to respond to Dr. MacArthur’s questions concerning biblical proof the the Old Testament Israel is the Church and that the New Testament Church is Israel.

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95 Theses Against Dispensationalism (Updated)
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