UPDATE (March 26, 2014): If you’re thinking that I’m too harsh on Hillsong, think again. Now, this heretical church is celebrating a pagan Hindu festival called Holi. Stand Up for the Truth quotes a non-Christian website about this festival:

holi_festivalHoli is a spring festival also known as festival of colours. It is an ancient Hindu religious festival which has become popular with non-Hindus in many parts of South Asia, as well as people of other communities.

There is a symbolic legend to explain why holi is celebrated. The word “Holi” originates from “Holika”, the evil sister of demon king Hiranyakashipu. King Hiranyakashipu had earned a boon that made him virtually indestructible. The special powers blinded him, he grew arrogant, felt he was God, and demanded that everyone worship only him…

hillsong_manilaPastor Brian and Pastrix Bobbie Houston of Hillsong Church in Australia are leading millions in a new SONG all the way to HELL.

Christian Research Network has an article on how the Houstons fleece their gullible devotees.

If you want to join these blind followers, you’re invited to their Manila show. You’ll be part of a long line of celebrity heretics’ victims.

Hillsong Conference 2013

Hillsong: A New SONG All the Way to HELL
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