Reformed Essentials Booklet

Reformed Essentials Booklet

May 16, 2009 @


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While preparing for a book table at the recently-concluded Manila Conference on Theology, I thought it would be useful to introduce others to the Reformed faith through a booklet that has essays on Reformed basics.

Since many Filipino pastors don’t have broadband Internet (most use Internet cafes or dialup), I printed a booklet called “Essentials of the Reformed Faith: Discovering the Richness of Reformed Doctrine, Worship and Practice.” Because all of the articles are available online, they could get it for the printing cost of 25 pesos (~50 cents) and then freely make copies of it for others.

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To those in the Philippines (or if you have friends in the Philippines) who are curious what this “Reformed” or “Calvinism” thing is, don’t depend on hearsay. Email or contact me to get a copy. I’ll gladly mail copies even to those outside Metro Manila.

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