Stand Firm Against Deceivers Concerning the Second Coming

Do not fear when others proclaim the end of the world is near, because of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan and the war in Libya. All of these are part of God’s unshakable plan for the eventual redemption of his elect from sin, death, and Satan. As David says, “I shall not be shaken” because the Lord “gives me counsel … [and] he is at my right hand” (Psa 16:7-8).

A trilogy of Christian false witness (Updated)

Having been a teen when the peace emblem became a symbol of the hippies and the peace movement, I searched the Internet for clues on its origin. And while sleuthing about the peace symbol, I also “snoped” around regarding a couple more “Christian” myths: the Eagles’ mysterious “Hotel California” and Procter & Gamble’s infamous “man in the moon” logo. Here’s what I found.