To Young Evangelicals: Don’t Swim from Willow Creek to the Tiber; Swim to Lake Geneva

So if you’re one of those “young evangelicals” whose minds have been emptied out by the mindless cacophony of your “Willow Creek” church, don’t swim back to the Tiber. You have another option, a great one: swim to “Lake Geneva” where your minds will be fed with “true, deep, intellectually robust spirituality” of the 16th century Protestant Reformation.

“Christ in hell is a ‘little wormy spirit,'” and other heresies

In hell, “[demons] tortured him beyond anything that anybody has ever conceived… [Christ’s] emaciated, poured out, little, wormy spirit is down in the bottom of that thing [hell].” – Kenneth Copeland. But if there is one who should be called “a little wormy spirit,” it is each one of us miserable sinners who does not deserve the devotion of our Savior’s and Sovereign’s sacred head.