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“Does Baptism ‘Save’?” (1 Peter 3:21)

April 18, 2009

"Either the the flood waters/baptism waters are a judgment, i.e. they signal condemnation (for those who are not identified with Christ) or they signal salvation for those who are identified with Christ, who are in the ark." - Dr. R. Scott Clark

“Christ in hell is a ‘little wormy spirit,'” and other heresies

April 8, 2009

In hell, "[demons] tortured him beyond anything that anybody has ever conceived… [Christ’s] emaciated, poured out, little, wormy spirit is down in the bottom of that thing [hell]." – Kenneth Copeland. But if there is one who should be called "a little wormy spirit," it is each one of us miserable sinners who does not deserve the devotion of our Savior's and Sovereign's sacred head.

“Hexegesis” – The Philippines in the Bible?

March 14, 2009

I happened to listen to a shocking tidbit that proudly said, “Do you know that the Philippines is in the Bible?” Then it quoted Isaiah 24:15. How does the Philippines figure in this verse?

“The Israel of God” by R. Scott Clark

March 10, 2009
“The Israel of God” by R. Scott Clark

Dr. R. Scott Clark, Professor of Church History and Historical Theology at Westminster Seminary in California, explains why the "Israel of God" is not national Israel, but the elect of God from all nations, Jews and Gentiles alike.

Who’s Out, Who’s In

March 7, 2009

The one who had no blemish or defilement, who was perfectly obedient, and who was eternally faithful became our defilement, our rebellion, and our unfaithfulness to be offered as a sacrifice for our sake on the cross.

Prophecy Conference: Economic Crisis as a Sign of the Last Days?

February 22, 2009

"There are signs that would indicate we are in the Last Days leading up to the Second Coming of Jesus... The Bible is clear. As we get closer to his return, there are going to be great global catastrophes." "We are the generation that will see the end times… and the return of Jesus.”

The Perils of Contextualization

February 5, 2009

"As a result, many American pastors, missionaries, and evangelists today may know more about their target market than they do about the 'one Lord, one faith, and one baptism' that they share with the prophets and the apostles, the church fathers and reformers, or their brothers and sisters in China, Malawi, and Russia." - Dr. Michael Horton, Modern Reformation Magazine, Jan/Feb 2009.

Great Commission “Fulfilled” in 2010s?

January 28, 2009

Dr. Scott Clark asks, "Really? How would anyone know? What constitutes “fulfilling” the Great Commission?" It seems that some people like Douglass have special knowledge (gnosis) of God's eternal mind and plan.

Christless Christianity – a Smorgasbord

January 13, 2009

Many people are now "their own theologian-in-residence," and embrace an "unpredictable and contradictory body of beliefs," mixing eclectic and syncretistic Christian and non-Christian views. Feelings and emotions are now king, while preaching and Bible study are disliked, resulting in even more Biblical illiteracy.

Are We Living in the “Last Days”?

December 12, 2008
Are We Living in the “Last Days”?

"We are the generation that will see the end times... and the return of Jesus," Hal Lindsey wrote in the 1980's. Like all false prophets dating back 2,000 years ago, from Montanus (150) to Melchior Hoffman (1533) to William Miller (1843-4), all of the current false prophets believe that ours is the "terminal generation."

What’s common between U. S. military prisons and churches? (updated in comments)

December 10, 2008 reports that U. S. military detention centers in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay systematically used loud music on hundreds of suspected terrorist detainees. The tactic was designed "to create fear, disorient ... and prolong capture shock." What does this have to do with churches?

Philip Yancey’s Three Marks of a “Healthy” Church: Way Off the Mark

November 20, 2008

In contrast to Philip Yancey's three qualities of an "alive" and "healthy" church - diversity, unity and mission - are the three marks of a true church - gospel, sacraments, church discipline - set forth by the Protestant Reformers.

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