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“Justification? Never heard of it”

December 1, 2009
“Justification? Never heard of it”

This is the response of 53 percent of evangelicals surveyed during a recent Franklin Graham crusade, according to an informal White Horse Inn poll. Here are some other interesting results.

Calvin: “The Counselor to the Afflicted”

October 27, 2009

Calvin carried on a very extensive correspondence throughout his ministry, writing to people and churches he knew and even to those he did not know. He answered theological questions, offered advice to troubled churches, encouraged pastors and friends, and wrote letters of consolation to those in distress.

John Calvin: The Tyrant Who Never Was

July 10, 2009

Today, July 10, marks the 500th birthday anniversary of the great Reformer John Calvin (French: Jean Cauvin). For most evangelicals today, his name evokes an image of a negative, judgmental and cold tyrant, because...

“The Gospel according to me”

July 1, 2009

"Jesus in MY heart, MY being born again, MY moral transformation, what happens inside of ME, MY sanctification, MY experience." This "gospel" is that of the medieval Roman church.

Unconditional, man-centered election

May 20, 2009

Greg Laurie believes in predestination—but one in which man predestines himself! He is the one who "changes his own life" by seeking God on his own will "to find eternal life." Listen also to Mike Horton as he answers the question, "Who Saves Who?"

The Perils of Contextualization

February 5, 2009

"As a result, many American pastors, missionaries, and evangelists today may know more about their target market than they do about the 'one Lord, one faith, and one baptism' that they share with the prophets and the apostles, the church fathers and reformers, or their brothers and sisters in China, Malawi, and Russia." - Dr. Michael Horton, Modern Reformation Magazine, Jan/Feb 2009.

Christless Christianity – a Smorgasbord

January 13, 2009

Many people are now "their own theologian-in-residence," and embrace an "unpredictable and contradictory body of beliefs," mixing eclectic and syncretistic Christian and non-Christian views. Feelings and emotions are now king, while preaching and Bible study are disliked, resulting in even more Biblical illiteracy.

Are We Living in the “Last Days”?

December 12, 2008
Are We Living in the “Last Days”?

"We are the generation that will see the end times... and the return of Jesus," Hal Lindsey wrote in the 1980's. Like all false prophets dating back 2,000 years ago, from Montanus (150) to Melchior Hoffman (1533) to William Miller (1843-4), all of the current false prophets believe that ours is the "terminal generation."

Christless Christianity News Bytes

November 15, 2008

In his new book "Christless Christianity," Dr. Michael Horton says, "Jesus has been dressed up as a corporate CEO, life coach, culture-warrior, political revolutionary, philosopher, copilot, cosufferer, moral example, and partner in fulfilling our personal and social dreams," but rarely as the crucified and resurrected Redeemer of a powerless people dead in sin.

Christless Christianity

October 3, 2008

Churches are transforming the Faith into a form of consumerism, marketing, pragmatism, politics, entertainment and therapy. Christless Christianity reveals the big problem with American religion: countless sermons in churches across the country are focusing on moralistic concerns and personal transformation rather than Jesus Christ crucified and risen again.

Antichrist: Is it Obama… or Barney?

August 14, 2008

A Democratic Party consulting group charges that a McCain campaign video entitled "The One" is "rife with image after image foisting presidential candidate Barack Obama as the Antichrist of the Bible.

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