The Empty TombA book entitled Path of Miracles: The Seven Life-Changing Principles That Lead to Purpose and Fulfillment.

Pastor Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference and a Pentecostal pastor, has released this title which has echoes of Rick Warren, Joel Osteen, Benny Hinn and other prosperity gospel false teachers. And lo and behold, right in Chapter 1, he says, “Rick Warren talks about purpose and Joel Osteen talks about the end picture. I’m the guy in the middle… describing the road… the one here to teach you the process.”

As well, the book is about “seven principles drawn from Jesus’ empty tomb that can enrich, empower, and transform lives.” Here’s Rodriguez’s allegories, ala Origen 1:

“Just as Christ’s resurrection from his empty tomb happened not far from where he had been crucified, our victories usually happen close to the sites of our most difficult circumstances. And just as Peter and John found folded linen placed intentionally where Christ’s head and feet had lain, so can we find guideposts in our lives.”

Instant gratification—the “now word”—is actually his overarching principle. Throw into this mix Robert Schuller’s “positive thinking” gospel and Hinn’s “word-faith” heresy, and you have this:

“God has a marathon of miracles waiting for you to enjoy right now… how to unlock the power within you and secure those treasures right here, right now… to find heavenly riches, rewards, goodness, and blessings here on Earth. Now… NOW!”

“Whatever you want can happen. In this lifetime. Starting now… You can experience heaven on Earth, and live exceedingly, abundantly, above all… [T]he seven principles discovered in the empty tomb will catapult the reader to a place of activating Heaven on Earth.”

Looking at the contents, here are three of the seven principles. Go figure how these are related to Christ’s resurrection: “Life’s Greatest Opportunities Arise in Our Darkest Hour”; God Programmed Us to Have Partners”; “Order Precedes Promotion”; “You are Assured a Filled Upper Room.”

Path of Miracles is indeed the kitchen sink of false gospels. So what does a Christian have to do to know the benefits of Christ’s resurrection? He should read Heidelberg Catechism Q&A 45?

Q. What benefit do we receive from the resurrection of Christ?
A. First, by His resurrection He has overcome death, that He might make us partakers of the righteousness which He has obtained for us by His death.1 Second, by His power we are also now raised up to a new life.2 Third, the resurrection of Christ is to us a sure pledge of our blessed resurrection.3
1 Rom 4:25; 1 Cor 15:15-20, 54-55; 1 Pet 1:3-5, 21
2 Rom 6:5-11; Eph 2:4-6; Col 3:1-4
3 Rom 8:11; 1 Cor 15:12-23; Php 3:20-21

1 On Matt 19:24, Origen allegorically wrote that the camel is physically crooked, but the way to life is narrow and straight. The camel is also ceremonially unclean.

What do you call a Warren, Osteen, Hinn, Schuller, Origen stew?